Friday, June 5, 2009

Sony Digital Camera H2 Sami Profesional for SALE

Sony H2 Digital Camera

1. All Accessories
2. 6 Mega Pixel

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Stylish and Ultra Slim Camera By Samsung (TL100)

Samsung Electronics has announced to launch a new Digital Camera, "TL100", this camera is slim and user friendly (easy to use). Its is 12.2 mega pixel and it belongs from point to shoot category. The LCD size of this camera is 2.7 inches with a quality of optical lens 3x. This camera is slim and small in size which makes it easy to carry in pockets. "TL100" automatically detects scene modes which best suits the environment.

For example, the TL100’s Smart Auto feature will automatically set the camera to its Landscape scene mode if the user is taking an image of a mountain range, and then switch gears and automatically select the Portrait scene mode if the user proceeds to take an image of an individual. No manual interaction is required.

Smart album program is another exciting feature of this digital camera. Smart Album is useful tool which allows users to search through the various files they have saved on their memory card for a specific image. Smart Album automatically organizes the user’s digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on the date or month the image was taken, the file type, whether it’s a photo, video, or voice memo, and the overall color tone.

The TL100 also offers consumers;

1. Face Detection

Face Detection automatically recognizes up to nine faces in a frame and adjusts camera settings to maximize image quality.

2. Smile Shot

Smile Shot will only allow an image to be taken if the TL100 recognizes a smile.

3. Blink Detection

Blink Detection is a useful feature that will improve a user’s ability to capture a photo with everyone’s eyes open. When Blink Detection is selected, the TL100 will automatically take two successive shots when the shutter button is fully pressed, and if the camera detects that a subject’s eyes are closed, a third shot will be fired.

4. Beauty Shot technology

The TL100’s Beauty Shot mode is a unique option that will automatically retouch imperfections on a subject’s face, such as blemishes and dark spots, to help improve and even out skin tones. The level of retouching is also selectable by the shooter allowing them to control how much editing will be applied to image.

5. Digital Camera Stabilization

For added stability and blur-free images, Samsung has incorporated Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology into the TL100, a useful feature that helps reduce the blur found in images as a result of vibrations, hand shake or other unexpected movements at the moment of image capture.

6. Video Recording

Users can also record video with the new TL100. Featuring MPEG-4 video recording, consumers can capture video at a maximum resolution of 800×592 (SVGA) at 20fps and utilize the camera’s 3x optical zoom for added versatility. The TL100 also features useful in-camera editing controls, which allows users to pause, and then resume filming of video clips without having to save each clip as an individual file.

Smasung has definitely striked his competitors in Digital Camera Firm Industry by launching this Camera. Successful marketing and innovation is all about "Astonishing your customere now and then"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Guide Lines to Select Digital Camera

Top 10 Digital Camera Buying

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Categories of Olympus Digital cameras


• Easy-to-use and compact
• Good quality at an attractive price
. Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
. The easy way to perfect images Intelligent Auto Mode detects the five most commonly used scenes and adjusts settings, focus and exposure automatically
. Face Detection for perfectly focused and exposed faces