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Sony Digital Camera H2 Sami Profesional for SALE

Sony H2 Digital Camera

1. All Accessories
2. 6 Mega Pixel

Interested Buyers can contact:

Cell # 0343 4207987 & 0321 9466662

Stylish and Ultra Slim Camera By Samsung (TL100)

Samsung Electronics has announced to launch a new Digital Camera, "TL100", this camera is slim and user friendly (easy to use). Its is 12.2 mega pixel and it belongs from point to shoot category. The LCD size of this camera is 2.7 inches with a quality of optical lens 3x. This camera is slim and small in size which makes it easy to carry in pockets. "TL100" automatically detects scene modes which best suits the environment.

For example, the TL100’s Smart Auto feature will automatically set the camera to its Landscape scene mode if the user is taking an image of a mountain range, and then switch gears and automatically select the Portrait scene mode if the user proceeds to take an image of an individual. No manual interaction is required.

Smart album program is another exciting feature of this digital camera. Smart Album is useful tool which allows users to search through the various files they have saved on their memory card for a specific image. Smart Album automatically organizes the user’s digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on the date or month the image was taken, the file type, whether it’s a photo, video, or voice memo, and the overall color tone.

The TL100 also offers consumers;

1. Face Detection

Face Detection automatically recognizes up to nine faces in a frame and adjusts camera settings to maximize image quality.

2. Smile Shot

Smile Shot will only allow an image to be taken if the TL100 recognizes a smile.

3. Blink Detection

Blink Detection is a useful feature that will improve a user’s ability to capture a photo with everyone’s eyes open. When Blink Detection is selected, the TL100 will automatically take two successive shots when the shutter button is fully pressed, and if the camera detects that a subject’s eyes are closed, a third shot will be fired.

4. Beauty Shot technology

The TL100’s Beauty Shot mode is a unique option that will automatically retouch imperfections on a subject’s face, such as blemishes and dark spots, to help improve and even out skin tones. The level of retouching is also selectable by the shooter allowing them to control how much editing will be applied to image.

5. Digital Camera Stabilization

For added stability and blur-free images, Samsung has incorporated Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology into the TL100, a useful feature that helps reduce the blur found in images as a result of vibrations, hand shake or other unexpected movements at the moment of image capture.

6. Video Recording

Users can also record video with the new TL100. Featuring MPEG-4 video recording, consumers can capture video at a maximum resolution of 800×592 (SVGA) at 20fps and utilize the camera’s 3x optical zoom for added versatility. The TL100 also features useful in-camera editing controls, which allows users to pause, and then resume filming of video clips without having to save each clip as an individual file.

Smasung has definitely striked his competitors in Digital Camera Firm Industry by launching this Camera. Successful marketing and innovation is all about "Astonishing your customere now and then"

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Guide Lines to Select Digital Camera

Top 10 Digital Camera Buying

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Categories of Olympus Digital cameras


• Easy-to-use and compact
• Good quality at an attractive price
. Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
. The easy way to perfect images Intelligent Auto Mode detects the five most commonly used scenes and adjusts settings, focus and exposure automatically
. Face Detection for perfectly focused and exposed faces


Categories of Olympus Digital cameras

3. D-SLR

• Light & compact
• Professional image
• FourThirds Standard
. The Olympus E-System is radically different to common Single Lens Reflex Systems – especially tailored to the needs of digital high end photography.
. Superior quality images by D-SLRs and ease-of-use of these compact cameras makes the user best photographer
. Small and light weight body of DSLR Cameras by Olympus


Categories of Olympus Digital cameras


• Full creative control
• Up to 26x optical zoom
• Compact size
. Most powerful optical performance in minimum size: 26x wide optical zoom (26-676mm), from extreme close ups to the action as well as stunning scenes
. Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
. Don't miss the moment with high-speed 10fps sequence shooting


Categories of Olympus Digital cameras


• Ultra-compact metal body
• Easy-to-use
• Great picture quality
. Shooting in toughest situations, shockproof up to 2m waterproof up to 10m, crush proof up to 100kg and freeze proof -10°C
. High-precision 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102mm) to capture great scenes through to stunning close-ups even in extreme conditions
. Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
. Extra slim 10x wide optical zoom (28-280mm) in a compact metal body to capture great scenes through to exciting close ups
. The easy way to perfect images, Intelligent Auto Mode detects the five most commonly used scenes and adjusts settings, focus and exposure automatically


Canon EOS 1000D


A. Sensational Photos...

1. 10.1 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
Super combination for exceptional image quality and fast processing.

2. In Lens Image Stabilization
Reduces blur from camera shake and allows easier hand held shooting.

3. Self Cleaning Sensor Unit
A cutting-edge solution that automatically minimizes dust.

B. Stellar performance...

1. Auto Lightening optimizer
Turns dull, underexposed shots into beautiful photos.

2. Creative Picture Style
Choose from six Picture Styles depending on subject or creative mood.

3. Quick and Continuous Shooting
Expanded burst shooting capability, even with Large/Fine JPEG images.

4. Versatile Multi Function Self Timer
Three self-timer settings include continuous shooting of up to ten shots.

5. fast and Precise Auto focus
Seven-point auto focus captures fast moving subjects with razor sharp clarity.

6. Full Range of Shooting modes
Easily selectable modes for any shooting requirement.

C. Smooth Handling

1. Convenient Live View Function
Two Live View modes for viewing via either the 2.5-inch monitor or on a computer.

2. Comfortably Customizable
12 Custom Functions and My Menu feature enhance operability.

3. Small, Light and sd Card
Compact and lightweight — the lightest EOS DIGITAL ever — and SD Card-compatible.

4. Comprehensive Canon System
Broaden your creative horizons with Canon accessories and intuitive software.

5. Universal EOS Design
Famous EOS usability, now with bigger controls and enlarged menu text.

D. Link

STOP Hiding From Digital Photgraphy...

I know just the right place from where the Digital Photographers can not only learn about doing digital photography but can also make their name up to international level by participating in that place/school.

That place is just know as NIKON SCHOOL for learning digital photography....

. Introduction

Nikon School helps you in enhancing your digital SLR photographic skills. you are experienced or a new one, it doesn't count much. For more than 30 years Nikon School has been helping photography enthusiasts master new techniques and improve their picture taking skills by providing clear, direct information on a wide range of technical and creative topics.

. Registration

Limited number of seats are available, the students will get admission on first come first serve basis. try to come early because then you will chose your session by yourself. Registration must be received by Nikon School ten business days prior to the seminar date.

You'll receive your admission ticket indicating the exact location of the seminar approximately two weeks after we receive your registration.

. Address

Nikon School
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747-3064

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A Very Nice Digital Camera Commercial

Guidelines For Framing Picture

Holiday Digital Camera Accessories

Holiday Survival Tips

1. Extre Battery
. Charged Batteries

2. Memory Card
. 1 Gigibyte Atleast

3. Card Reader
. This will make transfer of file easy

4. camera Case
. Water Resistance . have Extra Pockets

iPod Classic Design With FM Radio & Digital Camera

. $ 109.99

Mulitimedia Features
. MP 4 Player
. 2.4 TFT LCD Screen
. Listen MP3 Audio Music & MP 4 Videos
. Recor Video (Digital Camcoder)

. 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera
. JPG, BMP & GIF Formate

. FM Radio

. MMC Card Slot
. Internal Memmory 1 GB

. Recharge from USB through Computer

Other Function
. Phot Browser
. Flash Disk.
. E Book Reader
. English , Rarabic & Chinese Language

Sony Hand Powered Digital Camera

Its a new type of digital camera and it is used with computer or separately like normal cameras. It is for children and it can be used in developing countries where electricity is not usually availale. It is charged up when pictures are taken. It generates electricity through Kinetic Energy. Models / Types . Digital Video Camera . Digital Still Camera Features . FM Radio . Solar Energy Battery Concept / Idea How can Sony sets good example as a socially responsible country?

Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus E 620

This is the world's smallest and lightest DSLR digital camera with built in feature of image stabilization and a portable creative studio. This camera is for Hobbyists because of its ease in use. Ambitious photographers everywhere can now take creativity to a whole new level.


* Art Filters, Multi Exposure, Wireless flash, Multi aspect
* Free angle 2.7"/6.9cm HyperCrystal III LCD

Image Quality

* 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS sensor
* True Pic III+ processor for ideal color reproduction and low noise
* Built-in I.S. with max. 4 steps efficiency

Live View

* Comfortable Live View thanks to high speed contrast AF**
* Real-time effect monitoring
* Pre-control over white balance and exposure compensation
* Preview of Shadow Adjustment Technology (SAT)
* 5x/7x/10x magnified view for precise focusing - especially for macro shots

Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography

O'Reilly Digital Media Book: Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography


There is nothing more eye catching than a gorgeous view. The pure sight of a magnificent view can truly take one's breathe away.

Features of the Book:

This book is easy to read , the tricks for taking images that are beyond one thinking are explained in this book. Starting from the equipments that one should use and various software techniques have been identified to provide help in image taking and then developing that image.

More Techniques like; stitching, editing, and printing panoramic images. Using sample projects, the author leads readers through exercises that will help them tha process of creating panoramas.


Advanced Photography

Harald Woeste



Not Specified by Publisher



Date Published
June 2009

$ 34.95

Underwater Photographer. Digital & Traditional Techniques

Time for Some Change...

moving away from Digital or online Resources now i am going to discuss something from Books. I am going to provide an overview and few major contents from that book to my visitors.


Underwater Photographer. Digital & Traditional Techniques


This book is written by Martin Edge and it is very informative book and tell about knowledge on hand on manual containing a wealth of underwater tips, hints and advice all beautifully illustrated with full color images.

Martin Edge, a leading authority on underwater photography, will help you capture stunning effects by sharing his knowledge and experience for understanding of photography subject, lighting and environment to take the perfect picture. Practical examples take you step by step through the basic techniques from photographing shipwrecks, divers, marine life and abstract images to taking photographs at night and dual lighting.

Learning Material in book

• Learn how that shot was taken with practical case studies

• Beautifully illustrated throughout with inspirational full color underwater images

• Covers the highly respected philosophy of the 'Think & Consider' System


• Basic Refresher

• The Underwater Digital Revolution

• The Digital TC System (Think and Consider)

• Pulling it all Together

Digital SLR Buying Guide

Trail / Wildlife Digital Cameras


WildLife Digital Photography camera by Bushnell, hekps you take pictures when you go out on trails. As you can see the image of the camera that the outlook of the camera gives you an image of wildness. It looks different and it doesn't look like dgigital camera. But that is the real beauty. You don't know what you are holding in your hands, but you got really a priceless camera.

It has 7 Megapixels and it can record audio and video

It can be easily use in night because of night mode facility

Easy to use, motion activated powered by 4x D-Cell Batteries

Price 369.99 $

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Kodak EasyShare Digital Picture Frame Digital Camera

Sony VAIO Digital Camera Phone

Transcend flash memory card - 4 GB - SD


Transcend Information. Inc.

Part number:



The best choice for high-performance results from your digital camera and other handheld devices.

• General

Product Type
Flash memory card

Storage Capacity
4 GB

1.3 in

0.9 in

0.1 in

0.1 oz

Speed Rating

Form Factor
SD Memory Card

NAND Flash
Supply Voltage
2.7 - 3.6 V

Expansion / Connectivity

Compatible Slots
SD Memory Card

Manufacturer Warranty
( Germany - 30 years )

Online Available Digital Camera Accessories

GE Photo Phone 27956FE1 - cordless phone w/ call waiting caller ID & digital photo frame

Manufacturer: General Electric Company

Part number: 27956FE1


Enjoy interference free communication; and your favorite images on the digital sideshow. Photo Phone features picture caller ID - so when your sister calls, you can see her picture appear, along with her name and phone number - even if you're across the room.

• General

• Color Black

Power Adapter

• Type Power adapter


• Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable

• Technology Nickel metal hydride

Manufacturer Warranty

• warranty - 1 year

Panasonic Under Water Digital Camera

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Digital Camera Buyimg Guide

How many mega pixels should my digital camera have?

For any images user can plan to print or retouch, experts recommend that user must stick with a resolution between 7 and 12 mega pixels. Most digital cameras these days have sufficient high resolution that you don't need to worry about too few pixels. User may need to worry about too many.

There's one drawback of having very high mega pixel camera for immature users that the resulting larger file sizes can result in slower shooting for point-and-shoot models.

What kind of lens should my digital camera have?

There's a lot of variety in the world of digital-camera lenses, from tiny, built-in fixed-focal-length plastic lenses to big, glass, removable zoom lenses with special optical coatings. Each lens type influences the overall design and feature set of the camera that uses it.

4 Broad Categories of Digital Camera Lens:

1. Fixed-focal-length lenses:

These lenses offer no optical zoom. Look for auto focus instead of fixed focus, as well as selectable macro and landscape focus modes.

Best for: snap shooter, budget buyer

2. Folded optics lenses:

Lenses in these cameras fold sideways within the camera body to maintain a slim, ultra compact design.

Best for: snap shooter, budget buyer, trendsetter

3. Retractable zoom lenses:

These zoom lenses retract into the camera body when the camera is off and extend when it's on.

Best for: snap shooter, budget buyer, undecided, trendsetter

4. Fixed zoom lenses:

These zoom lenses are fixed to the camera body and do not retract into it when the camera is turned off.

Best for: undecided, serious amateur, business user, trendsetter

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Online Available Digital Camera Accessories

San Disk Extreme III - flash memory card - 32 GB - Compact Flash

1. Manufacturer: San Disk Corp.

2. Part number: SDCFX3-032G-A31

3. Description: SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash memory card is the perfect choice for people who are serious about their photography, including first-time DSLR owners. The SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash card offers faster performance than ever before (30MB/s) when shooting, viewing, and transferring photos. It features extra silicon for durability; and professional-level services that have become synonymous with the SanDisk Extreme product family. Compact Flash is the number one memory format choice for professional photographers, since it offers the best in performance, capacity, and durability.


4. Product Type
Flash memory card

• Storage Capacity
32 GB

• Compatibility

• Compatibility

5. Memory

• Speed Rating30 MBps (read) 30 MBps (write)

• Form FactorCompactFlash Card

• FeaturesESP Technology

6. Expansion / Connectivity

• Compatible Slots1 x Compact Flash Card

Online Available Digital Camera Accessories

Kodak Easy Share W1020 Wireless Digital Frame

Market Date: 06/11/2008

This photo sharing frame provides a large screen area for big display, it has a solid display quality and built in Wi-Fi. Its easy to setup and provide support for many video players like; MP3 and video playback. One little drawback in this that it has no remote control system and MAC PC owner will not enjoy this wireless connectivity.

But still it offers few things for the users:

1. Width 11.7 in

2. Depth 1.3 in

3. Height 8.2 in

4. Weight 2 lbs

5. PC Interfaces USB 6. Display Type TFT 10 in – Color

6. Flash Memory Cards Supported Memory Stick, Multimedia Card, SD Memory Card, XD-Picture Card, SDHC Memory Card, Compact Flash Card

7. Integrated Flash Memory 512 MB

8. Supported Still Images Formats EXIF, JPEG

9. Photo Playback Modes Auto slide show 11. Digital Audio Supported audio formats MP3.Audio output Built-in stereo speakers

10. Video Playback Formats AVI, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4

11. Connections USB, Audio line-out

12. Operating System MS Windows XP

13. System Requirements Details - RAM 128 MB - HD 200 MB

14. Included Accessories 2 x interchangeable frame

For Purchase go to:

Online Available Digital Camera Accessories

Kodak Easy Share W1020 Wireless Digital Frame

Market Date: 06/11/2008

This photo sharing frame provides a large screen area for big display, it has a solid display quality and built in Wi-Fi. Its easy to setup and provide support for many video players like; MP3 and video playback.
One little drawback in this that it has no remote control system and MAC PC owner will not enjoy this wireless connectivity.

But still it offers few things for the users:

Easy Share W1020 Wireless Digital Frame

It offers decent image quality.

Performance, and a strong feature set for the money.

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Digital Camera User Profile


these users like a camera which is easy to use and that camera should increase my interest in digital photography. Quick image previews can be seen on that digital camera LCD and quality will be satisfactory. Consider reference groups and think hard before buying digital camera.Not much confident on their own choice.


1. Resolution:

10 megapixels or greater

2. Lens Type:

Zoom (range encompassing at least 28mm to 140mm, 35mm equivalent)

3. Storage Media:

Internal memory, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, or SD/HC

4. Photo File Format:


5. Interfaces:

USB, NTSC/PAL television connection

6. Exposure Controls:

Automatic, aperture- and shutter-priority, manual, choice of metering modes, auto bracketing

7. Focus Controls:

Automatic, manual

8. Flash Modes:

Automatic, fill, slow sync

9. Software:

Midrange photo editor

10. Multimedia:

VGA (640x480) 30fps video-clip recording with sound

11. Cool features to look for:

Remote control, dynamic histogram display, compatibility with lens converters and accessories, built-in help features, mechanical or optical image stabilization, face detection, 720p or better HD movie capture, HDMI or component output to HDTV

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Digital Camera User Profile


These user usually want to find a basic camera which is less costly them. Budget is major consideration for them and they can compromise on few things. They like easy to use camera which they an understand even without reading the manual. Camera which can go longer with them.


1. Resolution:

It doesn't matter. Most cameras on the market today have sufficient resolution for your needs.

2. Lens Type:

Zoom (range at least encompassing 38mm to 76mm, 35mm equivalent)

3. Storage Media:

Internal memory, CompactFlash Type I, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, or Secure Digital/Multimedia Card

4. Photo File Format:


5. Interfaces:

USB, NTSC/PAL television connection

6. Exposure Controls:

Automatic, exposure compensation (for tweaking the automatic exposure)

7. Focus Controls:

Autofocus or fixed focus

8. Flash Modes:

Automatic, fill, red-eye reduction

9. Software:

Basic photo editor

10. Cool features to look for:

Webcam capabilities, automatic scene modes, continuous-shooting mode, autofocus assist lamp

Digital Camera User Profile


These people like Creative effects when shooting and manipulating images, have professional-level control, they like large size and high quality print outs.


1. Resolution:

10 megapixels or greater.

2. Lens Type:

Supports lens converters or interchangeable lenses or zoom with widest focal range possible

3. Storage Media:

High-capacity CompactFlash, Hitachi Microdrive, or SD/HC

4. Photo File Format:


5. Interfaces:

USB 2.0

6. Exposure Controls:

Automatic, aperture- and shutter-priority, manual, choice of metering modes, bracketing

7. Focus Controls:

Automatic with selectable focus points, manual

8. Flash Codes:

Automatic, fill, slow sync, hot shoe or contact for external flash

9. Software:

Full-featured photo editor, software for PC-controlled capture

10. Multimedia:

Voice annotation

11. Cool features to look for:

Compatibility with existing 35mm-camera lenses and accessories, customizable user modes, dynamic histogram display, optical or mechanical image stabilization

Digital Camera User Profile


Need to be able to shoot onsite or in the office, photograph products and people for ads and publicity in print and on the Web, and get professional looking results without hiring a pro. Need to get prints in a variety of ways, including from a color laser printer or quick-print shop.


1. Resolution:

It doesn't matter. Most cameras on the market today have sufficient resolution for your needs.

2. Lens Type:

Zoom (range encompassing at least 36mm to 130mm, 35mm equivalent)
Storage media CompactFlash, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, or SD/HC

3. Photo File Format:


4. Interfaces:

USB, NTSC/PAL television connection

5. Exposure Controls:

Automatic, aperture- and shutter-priority, manual, choice of metering modes, bracketing

6. Focus Controls:

Automatic, manual

7. Flash Modes:

Automatic, fill, red-eye reduction, external flash compatibility

8. Software:

Photo editor; collaborative image sharing

9. Multimedia:

Voice recording, built-in speaker for audio playback

10. Cool features to look for:

Support for digital security, Wi-Fi, geotagging, text-capture mode, world clock

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Digital Camera User Profiles


Like to buy the newest, shiniest toys before anyone else does. Want to impress friends and business associates with the latest technologies and coolest features, but not if it makes the product too complicated to use. Care about how much too spend, though it does not come in top concerns.


1. Resolution

10 megapixels or greater.

2. Lens Type

Zoom (range encompassing at least 28mm to 140mm, 35mm equivalent)

3. Memory Storage Options

Internal memory, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, or SD/HC

4. Photo File Format


5. Interfaces

USB, HDMI, or component HDTV television connection

6. Exposure Controls

Automatic, programmed scene modes, exposure compensation (for tweaking the automatic exposure)

7. Focus Controls


8. Flash Modes

Automatic, fill, red-eye reduction

9. Supporting Software

Photo-stitching, photo album, slide show

10. Multimedia

720p (1,280x720) video-clip recording with sound and functioning zoom during video

11. Cool Features

Ultra compact design, interchangeable lenses, Web cam capabilities, voice recording, Wi-Fi support, geotagging support, 3-inch LCD, simultaneous video and photo capture, 12X or greater optical zoom, optical or mechanical image stabilization, face detection

Digital Camera User Profiles


I want to take photos that I can e-mail to friends and family, post on the Web, or print in sizes smaller. I'd like a digital camera that is easy enough for the whole family to use and small enough to take anywhere. I'll be printing on an inexpensive, all-purpose ink jet printer.


1. Resolution

It doesn't matter. Most cameras on the market today have sufficient resolution for your needs.

2. Lens Type

Zoom (range encompassing at least 38mm to 114mm, 35mm equivalent)

3. Memory Options

Internal memory, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, or Secure Digital/Multimedia Card

4. Photo Saving Format


5. Interfaces

USB, NTSC/PAL television connection

6. Exposure controls

Automatic, programmed scene modes, exposure compensation (for tweaking the automatic exposure)

7. Focus controls


8. Flash modes

Automatic, fill, red-eye reduction

9. Software

Photo stitching, photo album, slide show

10. Multimedia

VGA (640x480), 30fps video-clip recording with sound

11. Cool Features

In-camera red-eye removal, automatic exposure fix, optical or mechanical image stabilization, face detection, 720p HD movie capture

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S710


1. The Good:

Nice photos; wide-angle lens; attractive design; plenty of shooting options.

2. The Bad:

Very slow performance; menu systems, navigation takes practice; no optical zoom in Movie mode.

3. The Bottom Line:

If it wasn't so slow, the Nikon Cool pix S710 would be a very good high-end, full-featured ultra compact.

4. Specifications:

Digital camera type: Ultra compact; Resolution: 14.5 mega pixels; Optical zoom: 3.6 x.

5. Price Range:

$254.95 - $299.99 check prices

6. Mega Pixel:


7. Lens:

28 mm

8. LCD Features:

3.6 inches wide by 2.3 inches high by 1 inch thick

9. Colors:

Graphite Black. Deep Red. Brilliant Silver.

10. Burst Speed:

1.1 frames per second.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500


This camera was launched in March 2008; it is available in Silver and Black colors.Its includes many technologies beyond those needed to take a good snapshot such as shutter and aperture priority modes and controls for color effects and adjusting sharpness, color, and noise reduction. It also has a hybrid interface using both a 3-inch touch screen LCD and a traditional directional joystick and buttons. It does have abundant "auto" shooting abilities, too, though the FX500 is best suited for people wanting more control and the ability to experiment with their photos. Overall, it's a very good advanced point-and-shoot, but not without a couple shortcomings.


1. The Good:

Excellent design; advanced shooting options; good use of touch-screen interface; 25mm wide-angle lens; 720p movie capture.

2. The Bad:

Noticeable shutter lag; controls take some getting used to; no optical zoom in Movie mode.

3. The Bottom Line:

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 is a very good ultra compact camera with a lot of shooting flexibility. It's just its slow performance that's keeping it from achieving excellence.

4. Specifications:

Digital camera type: Ultra compact; Resolution: 10.1 mega pixels; Optical zoom: 5 x;

5. Price range:

$198.29 - $319.95 check prices

6. Weight

6.2 ounces

7. LCD size, resolution

3-inch LCD (touch screen), 230K dots

8. Lens (zoom, aperture, focal length)

5x, f2.8-5.9, 25-125mm (35mm equivalent)

9. Battery type, rated life

Li-ion rechargeable, 280 shots

10. ISO sensitivity (full resolution)

Auto; 100; 200; 400; 800; 1,600

11. White balance

Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Halogen, Manual

12. Focus

Face, 1-point, 1-point (high speed), 3-point (high speed), 9-point, Spot, Touch AF

13. Burst mode shot limit (full resolution)

5 photos (Standard mode), 3 photos (Fine Mode)

14. Color effects

Standard, Black & White, Sepia, Cool, Warm

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Digital Camera Companies







Photography Sites


Davro Digital Imaging

Focus on Photography

Royal Photographic Society

States of Art

Time Life Photo site

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photography Books

A Day in the Life of Africa

A Global Family Portrait

A. Adams: Classic

Andreas Gursky Chased by the Light

Earth from Above

Hacking Digital Cameras

Leafing through flowers

Like Sand from Orchid's Lips

Photoshop for Photographers

PS3 for digital photographers

U.Ommer: 1000 Families

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS

Manufacturer: Canon USA

Part Number: 2667B001


Product Type Digital camera - Compact

Width 4 in

Depth 1.3 in

Height 2.5 in

Weight 6.7 oz

Main Features

Resolution 10 megapixels

Color Support Color

Optical Sensor Type CCD

Total Pixels 10,300,000 pixels

Effective Sensor Resolution 10,000,000 pixels

Light Sensitivity ISO 80 , ISO 100 , ISO 200 , ISO
 400 , ISO 800 , ISO 1600 , ISO auto

Digital Zoom 4 x

Shooting Modes Frame movie mode

Shooting Programs Snow , Beach , Indoor , Sunset ,
 Foliage , Aquarium , Fireworks , Landscape , Kids & pets , Night scene , Portrait mode , Night snapshot , High sensitivity

Special Effects Sepia , Vivid , Neutral , Black &

White , Custom Effect

Image Stabilizer Optical

Image stabilizer feature Optical stabilization helps prevent
 Blurry pictures, especially for handheld cameras at slow shutter speeds or when using high optical zoom.

Max Shutter Speed 1/1600 sec

Min Shutter Speed 15 sec

Exposure Metering Spot , Evaluative , Center-weighted

Exposure Modes Program, Automatic

Exposure Compensation 2 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps

Face Detection Yes

White Balance Custom , Presets , Automatic

White Balance Presets Cloudy , Daylight , Fluorescent ,
 Tungsten light

Digital Video Format AVI

Still Image Format JPEG

TV Tuner None

Video Capture AVI - 640 x 480 , AVI - 320 x 240 , AVI - 160 x 120
Memory / Storage

Flash Memory 32 MB Flash - SD Memory Card

Supported Flash Memory MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card

Floppy Drive None

Digital Storage Media None

Image Storage JPEG 3648 x 2736 , JPEG 2816 x 2112 , JPEG 2272 x 1704 , JPEG 1600 x 1200 , JPEG 640 x 480 , JPEG 3648 x 2048
Camera Flash

Camera Flash Built-in flash

Flash Modes Auto mode, Fill-in mode, Slow synchro, Flash OFF mode, Red-eye reduction

Red Eye Reduction Yes

Effective Flash Range 1 ft - 11.5 ft

Features AF illuminator
Lens System
Type Zoom lens - 6.4 mm - 38.4 mm - F/3.2-5.9

Focal Length 6.4 mm - 38.4 mm

Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera 36 - 216 mm

Focus Adjustment Manual, Automatic

Auto Focus TTL contrast detection

Auto Focus Points (Zones) 9

Min Focus Range 19.7 in

Macro Focus Range 1-50cm

Lens Aperture F/3.2-5.9

Optical Zoom 6 x

Zoom Adjustment Motorized drive

Lens Construction 7 group(s) / 9 element(s)

Features Aspherical lens , Built-in lens shield
Additional Features

Self Timer Yes

Self Timer Delay 2 sec , 10 sec

Additional Features DPOF support , Direct print , Face detection , Audio recording , Histogram display , Resizing an image , PictBridge support , 16:9 widescreen mode , In-camera red-eye fix , USB 2.0 compatibility , Digital image rotation , RGB primary color filter , Display brightness control , Camera orientation detection

Viewfinder Type None

Type LCD display - TFT active matrix - 3 in - Color

Display Form Factor Built-in

Display Format 230,000 pixels
Digital Player (Recorder)

Type None

Type Microphone - Built-in

Microphone Operation Mode Mono

Connector Type 1 x USB , 1 x Composite video/audio output

Expansion Slot(s) 1 x SD Memory Card

Software Canon PhotoStitch , Canon ImageBrowser , Drivers & Utilities , Canon ZoomBrowser EX
System Requirements for PC Connection

Operating System Support MS Windows XP , MS Windows Vista , Apple Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Windows Vista Readiness Certified for Windows Vista

Included Accessories Wrist strap

Cables Included USB cable , A/V cable

Power Device None

Supported Battery AA

Supported Battery 2 x AA Alkaline battery ( Included ) , 2 x AA NiMH rechargeable battery ( Optional )
Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature 32 ?F

Max Operating Temperature 104 ?F

Humidity Range Operating 10 - 90%

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Under Water Camera

Introduction of Sea Life Reef Master Mini

This Sea life SL320 Reef Master Mini is the dive companion for those who likes to go underwater and do high quality photography. This Reef Master Mini is compact, rugged, easy to-use and will accompany you on any dive (up-to 130ft of depth) or land adventure you have in mind. The Land & Sea exposure modes ensure great pictures on land or underwater and with the 6.0 Mega Pixel capabilities you will be shooting like the expert. The Ext Flash mode allows for easy expansion with one or two Sea Life external flashes and results in bright, colorful underwater images. The Sea mode color booster corrects for the underwater blue color effect.


• 6.0 mp CCD Sensor (For sharp images)

• Depth Rated to 130ft / 40m

• Shockproof Tested to 6ft / 2m (won’t break on accidental drops)

• Fully rubber armored for sure grip and extra shock protection

• Large 2" TFT LCD for great viewing and easy aiming

• Video mode with audio

• Spy Mode

• Fast start-up time and shutter response so you don’t miss the action

• Long battery life powered by 2 AA

• Instant Focus - from 2ft / 60cm to Infinity

• Built in 14MB NAND flash memory / Expandable to 1GB via OPTIONAL SD Card purchased separately



Unique design by SONY

Its lightning fast ability to shoot photos makes this camera stand out from the pack.

5.1 mega pixels of resolution

Flip out LCD screen that rotates

Digital camera's LCD screen size is a generour 2.5 inches

Monday, April 13, 2009

Today i am going to introduce a Photo Sharing Service for my visitors.


Some Interesting Facts about

This service was introduced in 1999 (USA).
Ofoto had 12 Million users by 2004.
Ofoto service is forceful, strong and because it's been around for so long.
Ofoto allows for an easy way share photos online with any one (family, friends, colleagues & etc).
Ofoto provides free sharing on pictures and images online.
You only have to pay for the prints if you want them.
Ofoto is now owned by Kodak.

This makes it easy to purchase prints of digital photos when you know there is a reputable company like Kodak behind it

Perfect Picture by NIKON

Nikon has recently introduced a new digital imaging technologyy that aims to keep images in focus, removing one of the most common drawback of digital photography. This new technology is being introduced in its Nikon Coolpix line of digital cameras. The idea behind the introduction of this facility for the users is to make the camera better able to snap a perfect picture with minimal fuss by the photographer.

Nikon no doubt can say "a digital camera that makes it easy to take great pictures"

Nikon solves other small problems as well;

Dark exposures & blurry photos.
Easy to point and shoot great.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beginner’s problem In Buying / Selecting Digital Camera

6. Is Image Stabilization Important?

Yes image stabilization is important and it helps in preventing images from blurring images. Image Stabilization can be optical, digital, or dual. Image stabilization is especially important for cameras with large zoom lenses.
Now a day many companies have introduced image stabilization in their point-and-shoot models.

7. Will Certain Types of Memory Cards Increase Transfer or Performance Speeds?

Memory cards, for the most part, all perform at similar levels, especially with beginner, point-and-shoot digital cameras. Memory cards are labeled as "professional" or "high speed," but, with point-and-shoot cameras, there is not much extra performance from memory cards over standard memory cards to justify the higher cost.

8. Are Image Quality Settings Important?

Yes image quality settings are important before capturing any image. There are many aspects of image which can be set, including resolution and quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in the image. Quality involves the amount of compression used on the photo.

9. What Type of Battery Is Better?

Two types of batteries are typically use, proprietary rechargeable batteries and disposable off-the-shelf batteries. These both have some have some advantages and differentiated features. .

10. Which Digital Camera Should I Buy?

This question has a different answer for everyone. You may like one camera and your parents’ and friends might not agree with your choice. Like every individual is different from other same as everyone's photography needs are a different too.
The best way to figure out which digital camera you should buy is to do your homework. Determine how you'll use the camera, search for a model that has strengths you want, talk to family and friends about what they use, and test as many models as you can.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beginner’s problem In Buying / Selecting Digital Camera

For beginner’s buying and selecting a digital camera is time taking, confusing and might be tough decision. Then some question arises that which brand to go for, price limits and some other important factors. So there are some important question’s which can be in beginner’s mind and they want to now the answers.

1. How much resolution do I need?

Now day’s digital cameras have plenty of resolution for beginners. Resolution amount is important in essential and important for image quality. But keep in mind that resolution is one important feature of camera. Full selection should be based on other criteria / features as well. Remember, that all digital cameras of a particular resolution aren't going to give in the same image quality.

2. What Is the cost of printing photos?

Usually the printed digital photos are same in cost to printed film photos, but it depends on the size and quality of pictures as well.

3. What do the zoom Lens numbers mean?

Zoom lens capacity / range for a digital camera indicate the amount of magnification the lens can create. Some times these numbers are confusing because it include many things like; optical zoom. Digital zoom and combined zoom. Do remember, Optical zoom is the most important zoom measurement because it measures the focal length of the lens.

4. Why does camera have a delay when we take a Photo?

When using auto-focus mode, digital camera might take a fraction of a second to focus on the image. In low-light conditions, this delay, called shutter lag, can last a full second or more and it could cause blurry photos, if you can't hold the camera steady during the shutter lag.
When large zoom lenses are fully extended, shutter lag increases. Most point and shoot models allow you to have a pre focus by pressing the shutter button halfway before taking the shot.
When using a flash, you may experience shutter lag, because the camera's focus assist light needs to fire to allow the camera to focus before it fires the main flash.

5. Why does camera have a delay after taking a photo?

These delays are called shot-to-shot delays, these delays occurs when the camera transfer the image to the memory card and clear the sensor before shooting another photo. You can avoid this problem of shot-to-shot delays by shooting in burst mode, where the camera snaps several photos at a preset image size within a couple of seconds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Buying Mistakes of Cameras

Digital camera shopping problems are common when photographers don't have all of the information they need. Avoid these digital camera buying mistakes.

1. Not Doing Your Homework

Before you begin shopping for a digital camera, you need to do a little homework. It's important to familiarize yourself with digital camera terminology, giving you the ability to understand a salesperson or read a model's specification list.
Take some time before shopping so that you can figure out how you plan to use the camera? If you ahve decided how, where and when to use, the salesperson can give you additional help in finding the best digital camera for your situation.

2. Missunderstanding Specifications

It's easy to go away by resolution measurements and combined zoom numbers when you try to compare various models of digital cameras. Do not focus on certain specifications, it can be a mistake when shopping for a digital camera.
Supporting first guide line do the complete research before buying your digital camera.

3. Make a Budget

Set a budget and stick to it when shopping for a digital camera. New users usually end up spending more than they need to, spending too much for features that they'll never use or that they don't understand how to use. Save those more expensive camera models for more advanced photographers.

4. Not Going for Known Manufacturers

Prefer a reliable and renowned Point of Sale. Select reliable retailer and shop. Don't buy from unknown laces and shops. Most important of all do not compromise on the quality and reliability of the product. Select Brand names means go for renowned manufacturer.
Stick with name brand digital cameras. Check the Manufacturers page to research some of the top companies that make digital cameras for consumers and professionals.

5. Not Testing Before You Buy

Before you purchase any digital camera, especially a small point-and-shoot model, you need to try it. In this way you will understand the usage of camera, its features and outlooks of the camera.
Ask retailer to give you a time to try. In this way you will not only choose good camera but you will also get a psychological satisfaction.

Nikon D90 Reviews

Researchers have conducted a test on Nikon D90 Digital camera; Their stidy find some facts about this camera.
Researchers, collected and analyzed 131 expert reviews and 880 user reviews from international sources. Experts rate this product 87/100 and users rate it 93/100. The study concluded that alaScore for this product is 100/100 = Excellent.

Brand Nikon
Audio Input Microphone
Battery Nikon EN-EL3e
Camera Flash Pop-up flash
Digital Camera SLR.. SD Memory Card / SDHC Memory Card
Dimensions & Weight Depth-7.7cm.. Height-10.3cm.. Weight-0.62kg.. Width13.2cm
Display (Projector) Diagonal Size-3in.. Technology-TFT active matrix..
Type-LCD display..
Exposure Parameters Close-up / Landscape / Night portrait / Portrait mode
Header Nikon.. Model-D90.. Packaged Quantity-1..Product Line-Nikon
Lens System Lens Aperture-F/3.5-5.6.. Max Focal Length-105mm/200mm/85mm
Min Focal Length-16mm/18mm.. Optical Zoom-11.1/5.3/5.8..
Type-Zoom lens
Optical Sensor Optical Sensor Size-15.8 x 23.6mm..
Optical Sensor Type-CMOS..Sensor Dust Reduction-Yes
Sensor Resolution-12.3Megapixel
Optical System Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer-Yes..
Image Stabiliser-Optical
Video Input Digital Video Format-AVI.. Face Detection-Yes..
ISO (Max)-6400.. Light Sensitivity-ISO 100-6400..
Shooting Modes-Frame movie mode..
Special Effects-Custom Effect / Landscape /Monochrome /
Neutral / Portrait / Vivid..
Still Image Format-JPEG / NEF (RAW) / RAW + JPEG
Type-Digital camera
Viewfinder Type Optical

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 Black Digital Camera

Sony alpha DSLR-A200K SLR Digital Camera Kit w/ 18-70mm Lens

Friday, April 3, 2009

Features to Check Before Buying Camera

1. Resolution
2. Built-in memory.
3. Battery life
4. LCD
5. Appearance and comfort.
6. Special features
7. After Sales Service and Value
8. Extra portable Features

Things you consider to choose Camera?

Digital Camera buyers have a lots of things to consider before buying a camera. The appearance of digital cameras may be of less concern, buyers look for all sorts of colors, sizes and brands. You can choose from many different playbacks, resolutions, or zooming ability. But while making a purchase of Digital Camera, you might make some mistakes.Because you might not have proper information about them or you are bit inexperience.

Important Things you should consider before making purchase decision:
Do some research about digital camneras of different Brands.
Decide your purpose of buying camera.
Prepare yourself for buying and bargaining at the Poist of Sales (showroom).
What kinds of photos do you want to take with your very own digital camera.
How much can you really afford to spend to buy camera of a good brand name and of your choice.
Accessories you will buy with Camera.
Take your time and satisfy yourself before and after buying your Camera.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sony Cameras

Pink Cyber-shot T700 Digital Camera
Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-HX1
DSC-G3 Cyber-shot® Digital Camera
Here are some new digital cameras pictures which have been recently uploaded by Sony for its customers. Sony no doubt has made itself a Market Leader and has sustained its position as a market leader over the years. I have also decided to go on all renowned Company’s websites and tell my visitors about them one by one.

In this regard I am looking forward to strong input from participants and visitors. They are welcome to share their experiences and knowledge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Megapixcel Competition

In past days the megapixcel ranges of still cameras have range from 30 to 40 (megapixcel). This heavy expansion for taking closest images have kept this industry on fast track and industry competitors seems create boom in the market. So there is a full and complete marketing going on in the industry by competitors.
In my personal opinion, the digital camera industry is making a slogan “Innovation and Attraction”. The word “global village” seems a small word but it means a lot. The shrinking of world has created opportunities for many digital camera’s companies to explore new markets and take advantage of resources through out the world.

Many companies are throwing the digital camera’s megapixcel technology widely in mobile devices. I wonder that if one day people loose their interest in digital camera (still and video).

So the questions in my mind arises are;
1. Digital Camera (still and video) can be replaced by mobiles?
2. Do you think that it’s a burden to carry on the mobiles, still and video cameras separately?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camera Museum

The artistic view of Canons Camera Museum is infront of my eyes. Canon no doubt is a company who is capable of competing with Sony in its market of digital camera. We have studies in marketing that new concept of marketing is not to market products but to market company and people (resources). Make your work place your “Worship” place and Sony and Canon are doing just that. Canon has especially showed its ste for making cameras.

Describing that place is few words;
Visit the given URL and write your comments and share with everyone that what you think about Canon Camera Museum.
Do you agree about the new concept of marketing which I have mentioned above?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Digital Camera (Experiences)

Which digital camera you got for the first time in your life?
Who gave you the digital camera?
Describe that moment? (in your own words)
lPlease share some personal experiences and disliking regarding your digital camera.

I think that I should be the first to describe my experience with digital camera. So here’s my experiences and learning of “dcams”

I got the Sony’s digital camera
My mamoo gifted the camera to me.
First I didn’t believe that I got Sony’s digital camera in my hands. That night I couldn’t slept well because I was making plans for taking pictures. One of my old buddy,”Farhan Amin” was expert in handling digital cameras. He was very helpful for me and together, we did many adventures and experiments.

Personally I like taking nature ‘s pictures. There is no specific reason that why my I like it. I can only think of one reason and that is I believe in nature, I believe in preserving it and I like to show beautiful and original things to everyone. I love scenic natural beauty and whenever I got a chance to go out and get beautiful nature pictures even alone, I am always on it.