Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sony Cameras

Pink Cyber-shot T700 Digital Camera
Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-HX1
DSC-G3 Cyber-shot® Digital Camera
Here are some new digital cameras pictures which have been recently uploaded by Sony for its customers. Sony no doubt has made itself a Market Leader and has sustained its position as a market leader over the years. I have also decided to go on all renowned Company’s websites and tell my visitors about them one by one.

In this regard I am looking forward to strong input from participants and visitors. They are welcome to share their experiences and knowledge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Megapixcel Competition

In past days the megapixcel ranges of still cameras have range from 30 to 40 (megapixcel). This heavy expansion for taking closest images have kept this industry on fast track and industry competitors seems create boom in the market. So there is a full and complete marketing going on in the industry by competitors.
In my personal opinion, the digital camera industry is making a slogan “Innovation and Attraction”. The word “global village” seems a small word but it means a lot. The shrinking of world has created opportunities for many digital camera’s companies to explore new markets and take advantage of resources through out the world.

Many companies are throwing the digital camera’s megapixcel technology widely in mobile devices. I wonder that if one day people loose their interest in digital camera (still and video).

So the questions in my mind arises are;
1. Digital Camera (still and video) can be replaced by mobiles?
2. Do you think that it’s a burden to carry on the mobiles, still and video cameras separately?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camera Museum

The artistic view of Canons Camera Museum is infront of my eyes. Canon no doubt is a company who is capable of competing with Sony in its market of digital camera. We have studies in marketing that new concept of marketing is not to market products but to market company and people (resources). Make your work place your “Worship” place and Sony and Canon are doing just that. Canon has especially showed its ste for making cameras.

Describing that place is few words;

Visit the given URL and write your comments and share with everyone that what you think about Canon Camera Museum.
Do you agree about the new concept of marketing which I have mentioned above?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Digital Camera (Experiences)

Which digital camera you got for the first time in your life?
Who gave you the digital camera?
Describe that moment? (in your own words)
lPlease share some personal experiences and disliking regarding your digital camera.

I think that I should be the first to describe my experience with digital camera. So here’s my experiences and learning of “dcams”

I got the Sony’s digital camera
My mamoo gifted the camera to me.
First I didn’t believe that I got Sony’s digital camera in my hands. That night I couldn’t slept well because I was making plans for taking pictures. One of my old buddy,”Farhan Amin” was expert in handling digital cameras. He was very helpful for me and together, we did many adventures and experiments.

Personally I like taking nature ‘s pictures. There is no specific reason that why my I like it. I can only think of one reason and that is I believe in nature, I believe in preserving it and I like to show beautiful and original things to everyone. I love scenic natural beauty and whenever I got a chance to go out and get beautiful nature pictures even alone, I am always on it.